Students have been exploring light and color for their last unit of study.  We are wrapping it up this week and will have a test on Monday, May 20.   A study guide will go home on Wednesday, May 15 and we will review both Wednesday and Friday before the test.

May News

We are quickly wrapping up this great Fourth grade year.  The students have been finishing projects and showing all that they have learned this year.

Important dates

May 14     Social Studies test on the Western Region   (students have a study guide)

May 14      Heritage Night (Fifth grade presentations)  5:30

May 17     Art Expo   5:30  (4A project is the best!)

May 23     Fourth Grade party at Playformance

I will need some volunteers to drive to the party on May 23.  Students go to Baccalaureate at 10am and leave for the party shortly after.  We will probably leave around 11:15.  Students will have a pizza lunch and participate in activities.  It will wrap up around 2-2:30. Students will be picked up at Playformance.  They will not return to school after the event.  Please let me know if you are willing to drive.

There is a waiver for Playformance in the Eagle Express today.  Please fill it out and send it with your child to school as soon as possible.  Students may not participate without the waiver.

Thank you for the great Teacher Appreciation gifts!  I can’t begin to tell you how great this class has been!

As always, please feel free to contact me about questions and/or concerns.




We have been exploring our Electric Circuits unit for the past few weeks.  Here’s what we have been up to:

Students have found ways to operate more than one lightbulb in a circuit. They devised a series circuit and discover that they can operate two bulbs with one D-cell, but the lights are dim. By adding a second D-cell in series with the first, students can get both bulbs to shine brightly.  4th graders also learned to build a parallel circuit in which one bulb could go out, but the other will stay lit.


Students observed that the two sides (poles) of magnets are different, attracting or repelling one another, depending on orientation. They conducted an investigation to determine if like or opposite poles attract and we learned the north/ south convention for naming poles.

We will have a quiz on April 3.  Study guide will go home this week.

March Current Event is due Friday, March 29.  Students have had many reminders about this, yet they have been trickling in.

We will be moving on to building electromagnets and will discover that a steel core becomes a magnet when current flows through an insulated wire wound around the steel core. They’ll learn where (and how!) to wind the wire on the core to produce the strongest magnet.

March News

I hope that everyone had a great break and are enjoying the weather that continues to change daily!

This year is going by very quickly and it seems that there will not be time to do all of the projects  that we planned.   Mrs. Tomiak and I have decided that students will not be required to do an electronic state report.  This was to be due on May 17.  Throughout the year we have incorporated individual state studies projects for every region.  For example, students have created state quilts and travel posters, and lap books.  We plan to continue state studies with the West and Midwest regions.   We feel that another state report would be redundant.    Currently, we are studying the Southeast region and students are making travel posters for their state.  The test for this region will be  March 19.  Students were given a study guide last week.

Fourth graders are learning about the Iditarod, which started on March 3.  Many academics are covered with our Iditarod unit such as reading about the mushers and race history, writing, elapsed time, unit rate, measures of central tendency, decimals, cost, and more.  As of Friday afternoon, only one of the 52 mushers has scratched and the lead musher is past the halfway mark in the race.  To learn more go to

The March/April book report theme is historical fiction.  Students may read a fiction book with a setting in a period before 1950.  The plot or setting of the book needs to have details about a specific time in history.  (Little House on the Prairie)  Directions will be given to students on Monday.  Due date is March 29.

St. Michael’s Declamation Day is in April.  Fourth graders are expected to memorize a poem of their choice between 8-12 lines.  They will recite their poem to the class.  In the past students have presented poems to both fourth and fifth grade with their parents.  This year the audience is much smaller (their class) as this size of an audience is developmentally appropriate for fourth grade.  One student from each class will present their poem (if they wish) to the school.  I will have more details about this next week.

Have a great weekend!

Dates coming up:

March 11-15      Love of Reading Week (Book Fair) at school

March 12              Dr. Larry Lincoln speaking in student center 5:00-6:30

March 14             Pi Day

March 15            Relaxed Dress

March 28            Star Party Grades 4-8 Student Center 5:45-8:30

March 30           Gala



CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Son for his recognition at SARSEF.  He won in the Animal and Plant Science Category for his project titled Plant Growth:  In vs. Out


We are very proud of you, Anthony!!!


The week before Rodeo, students were introduced to electricity and energy. They discovered how to make a complete circuit using a D-cell, wires, and a lightbulb. Upon successfully lighting their bulbs, students discussed the electricity’s pathway in the circuit and the function of each of the system’s components. We also took a close look at the anatomy of a lightbulb.
Students used a circuit and a collection of objects to determine which materials can complete the pathway (conductors) and which cannot (insulators). After developing the rule that metals are conductors, students consider foils and use evidence to confirm that foils are indeed metal.
We will be exploring more this week with conductors while we make a matching game (the bulb will only light if the answer is correct!).  We will then be moving on to parallel and series circuits.

Science Fair Winners!!!

Congratulations to the following students who will be heading to SARSEF:


1st  Linnea Chambers-Daniell
2nd Thomas Allen
3rd   Ben McCurdy
Honorable Mention:
Anthony Son
Gianna Lagat
Julian Merheb
Matt Capaldi


On Wednesday this week, we will be having a celebration in the morning to recognize our efforts in the science fair.  We will be having bagels/cream cheese and juice.

We are starting our new unit Energy and Electromagnetism today, and I know it will be good to get back to doing labs.

Thank you all for a successful science fair.



February 6, 2019

It is hard to believe, but the school year is more than 60% complete with the end of the second trimester on Friday, February 8.

Students had a great time at Pima Air and Space Museum last Thursday.  Thank you to all of the parents who offered to drive.  The 4A tour guide, Tony, was very impressed with the students’ questions, interest, and behavior.

We are finishing our decimal unit in math and soon will begin working with fractions.  Students will take a test on the book we are reading in class, Stone Fox,  on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  We are studying the Southeast region in Social Studies.  There will be a test on the states and capitals of the region Tuesday, February 13.  The February book report is a Triptych on a science fiction or fantasy book.  This is due on Friday, February 15.

Stem Night is Friday, February 8, from 5:30-7:30.  There will be many activities to engage all learners.  All of the Science Fair projects will be on display in the Student Center.  Please remember that students are expected to be with their parent or adult supervisors at all times during this event.  Food trucks will be in the parking lot during the event.   The proceeds will be used for end of year 8th grade activities.

We will have a small celebration in class at the end of the day on February 14.  Students may share Valentines with classmates in 4A.  Please have your child bring a bag or box to collect Valentines.  Students may also give each other candy treats.  This is a relaxed dress day with a Valentine theme.  Please look at the dress guidelines if you have any questions.

Friday, February 15 is crazy socks day.  Students must wear their regular school uniform, but may wear crazy socks.


Science Fair Project

Almost there!!  The fourth graders worked very hard last week (Wednesday and Friday) assembling their project boards. Teachers and Mr. Sullivan have been by to check out the progress and we even had a dad stop by, roll up his sleeves and pitch in last Friday!    Thank you Mr  Wilson!!

Our original calendar states that we would be presenting this week but some students haven’t  finished.   We worked on the boards again today and if they didn’t finish they were instructed to take their boards home to finish and have completed by Wednesday, 1/30.    Students were encouraged to take any classroom supplies they needed to finish their project.    Students saw lots of examples of completed science fair project boards; for more ideas check out  or the SARSEF Website


Science Fair week February 4-8

STEM Night February 8 – Boards will be on display and winners announced