This week, 4th graders are working on their research for the science fair project.  Students are looking up information relevant to their Big Question for their project, to include some fun facts/trivia about their subject.  For example, a student is researching right or left hand dominance and found some interesting history.  Just in time for Halloween, we read that in the 1600s, if a woman was left handed she was considered a witch!  Another student is researching flooding in Arizona, so we found a website that a huge amount of information about the history of floods in our state.  

This research is not due until October 23 and we are working on it in class.  Each science fair assignment is worth 50 points and students lose 10 points for every class day that it is late.  Check the Science Blog and click on the “Science Fair” link for more information, or do not hesitate to contact me. 





The first week of October brings us beautiful cool mornings and mid-trimester reports!  Today your child’s report will be in the Eagle Express.  For some students this is the first time that they have earned actual grades.  The results may be startling or expected, so please contact me if you have any questions.  For most students the reports will be a well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done.  For other students it may be a wake-up notice that perhaps they are not putting forth the needed effort in their school work.

Students just completed their first unit of the year in social studies and will begin studying a new United States region.  In math class we have been working on multiplication and problem solving.  After break we will begin our unit on division.  Students have been working on looking for context clues in reading.  In writing we have been working on citing source evidence, restating questions, and adding supporting details.  Students have started to explore ideas for Science Fair.  Each student received a timeline from Ms. Jamison about due dates regarding their project.  Please make sure that the dates are written on your child’s home assignment board.  The first big date is this Friday.  Students need to submit their final topic selection and decide on their BIG question.  The school Science Fair is held during the week of February 12.

Here are some dates to remember:

October 9-13     Fall Break

October 20          Grandparents Day  (please have your student wear a navy shirt and khaki shorts or pants)

October 23            Science Fair research summary (see handout for details)

October 27             World Map is due


Spanish Class News

´¡Hola! The fourth graders are working on a new unit in Spanish class.  They are learning new vocabulary for items in the classroom.  We are also focusing on adjective agreement and learning how to form plurals.

¡Hasta luego!

Sra. Van Straalen

4A News

Students turned in their first book report on Friday, September 22.  The September reading log is due on Friday, September 29.  Each student has a red folder to document their reading.  Please encourage your child to read at least 20-30 minutes every day at home.

In math students are working on factors, prime factorization, and using patterns with problem solving.  The next unit is multiplying 2 x 2, 3 x 2 products, and problem solving.  Students wrote several types of poems with a “summer” theme, and most of them submitted their work for publication in the Eagle’s Quill.   We have been learning about petroglyphs and doing some writing to go along with our book Kokopelli’s Flute.  There will be a Social Studies test  October 3 on the Southwest.  All students have a study guide.

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, there will be a car wash from 11-1.  Proceeds will go to our sister school, Holy Spirit, in Houston Texas.  Many families from the school were affected by the hurricane and displaced from their homes.  Donations in the form of cash or gift cards (Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, American Express) are greatly appreciated.  You may take contributions to the office or your child may bring donations to me and I will make sure that they are included with the school gift.

Please make sure that sweaters, coats, jackets, etc. have your child’s name written on them.  The best way is to just put a last name and 4A on the collar label.  There have already been several left outside without names.  They will go to the Lost and Found, but if there is a name items usually are  returned to the homeroom.

Dates to keep in mind:

Week of October 2  Mid trimester reports will be sent home

October 9-13  Fall Break

October 20  Grandparents Day

November 9  1st Trimester Ends  (Dismissal at Noon)

November 10  No School


This week, we will be exploring possible science fair projects as well as working on our Rocks and Minerals unit.

Students search for schoolyard rocks. They investigate rock properties and record their observations. Groups trade sets of rocks and descriptions, then students try to match a new rock to another student’s description.
Don’t forget your current event!  Find a science-related article (in the newspaper, magazines, online, etc.) to bring in to share with the class.  We’ve had some really interesting ones so far!
DUE:  Friday, September 29

School Pictures

Class pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 26, for all grades.  Students should be in school uniforms (red St. Michael’s shirt and khaki bottoms.)  Individual pictures will be taken Wednesday, September 27, for grades K-4.  Free dress will be allowed for individual pictures.  Please review free dress standards outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.

Siblings pictures are Wednesday, September 27, at 7:30 for grades K-4.


This week:  September 18 – 24

Monday:  Mrs. Brooke Meyer, from SARSEF, came to talk with the students about their science fair project.  She had some basic hints and general information for the students and also passed out some handouts.

Wednesday:  1/2 day.  Reading in textbook about the differences between erosion and deposition

On Friday,  students consider whether erosion and deposition are happening in their own schoolyard. We will look for evidence of erosion and for locations where deposition is in evidence. Then we will simulate a rainstorm by pouring water on various outdoor surfaces.


Dear Parents,

Today your student was given preliminary information about the Science Fair.  In particular, they were given a list of due dates for each section of their science fair project, as well as some helpful websites and general information.   Please ask them to see it.  It is copied on yellow paper and will be quite helpful.

Again, we are completing this project in class, but any unfinished class work is to be  completed at home.

Thank you

Lisa Jamison

p.s.  Reminder:  4th grade test on soil this Friday, September 15





th graders have been exploring what makes up soil and how rock is weathered – chemically and physically.  We have completed some hands-on labs that help explain chemical and physical weathering up close in the classroom.

There will be a quiz on Friday, September 15 with a study guide going home the week of September 11.

Students are encouraged to take their science notebook and textbook home to study.



Las noticias en español

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? Estoy feliz. Hasta mañana.  This week we are continuing to review various greetings and expressions.  On Tuesday, the fourth graders had fun practicing these greetings by performing in short Spanish skits. They also have been working with their partners to write their own original Spanish skits which they will perform next week for the class. ¡Adiós!