Building Community



Friday was a full day of building classroom community and learning new procedures. Students participated in an activity where they were asked to build castles, using nonverbal communication. They were also given limitations in materials used, and how they could be manipulated. It was wonderful to see their minds at work, determination, and creativity. We ended the day with a game on Kahoot to review classroom rules and procedures. We will continue learning and reviewing these into next week, to ensure a firm understanding of expectations for a successful year of learning.

Hopefully your child came home and talked a little about what happens to our brains when we struggle. Growth mindset is a topic we will discuss and practice throughout the year. Students took notes and wrote a reflection about what they learned. This paper got sent home in a blue pocket folder labeled Home. I would like students to bring this folder back and forth from school to home. I will send home any daily papers in this folder.

Business items:

If you haven’t sent in your child’s library card yet, please do so this coming week. If your student has their P.E. uniform, they may come to school dressed out on Tuesday. We have enrichment directly after chapel on this day. If your P.E. uniform has not come in yet, Coach Green said students can bring in appropriate length workout clothes until they arrive.

Lastly, I would like to thank each of you for such a warm welcome to St. Michael’s!

Welcome to a new school year!

It was such a pleasure to meet all of you during intake conferences! I look forward to a year of learning and fun in the 4A classroom. I want to recap a few items we discussed during our meetings.

  • All supplies will be provided for students this year
  • Backpacks cannot have rollers
  • P.E. days will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. You may come dressed for P.E. on Tuesdays
  • Bring in your library card, and make sure code is set to #1234
  • Parents will walk students to classroom door in the morning
  • 4th grade dismissal is at 3:25

During conferences I also talked with you about having your child target their reading within their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This information was given to you at the end of the school year, after students completed Renaissance testing. The ZPD is a range of numbers given to help students focus on books that reflect their reading level. For example if the ZPD is 3.1 – 5.0, the student should be reading books leveled from third grade, first month to fifth grade. A great resource for checking the level of your child’s at home reading can be found on Simply enter the site as a student or a parent, and enter the title of the book. You will be looking for the stated book level (BL). If this level falls within your child’s determined ZPD, they are reading books appropriate for their comprehension level and growth.

Lastly, you can check out our enrichment schedule found under the links heading.