One Full Week Down!























Dear 4A Families,

What a wonderful first full week. Our classroom routines are in full swing, and students have adjusted well to their new courtyard. Thank you all for bringing your students to the door in the mornings. It’s so nice to see the courtyard abuzz with students and their families.

Last week students began to bring home a daily Home folder and their planners. Hopefully they have been sharing our objectives and finished/graded work with you. Students were asked to start logging their 30 minutes reading each night, and are responsible for filling this out at home. The reading log is stapled to the inside of their planners. I conferenced with each child last week, and we reviewed their ZPD ranges from the end of last year. This will be a great resource to make sure students are reading at an appropriate level.

We will be going to the library for the first time on Monday, August 26th. Please make sure your student’s library card is dropped off to me by then. Students will practice looking for books within their reading level. It’s not a bad idea to do some research at home and check on books they are interested in before our Monday library visits. I will also be assisting them with this at the library.

I introduced our first spelling list to students last week also. I will enter these each week into Spellingcity. You can find the link to on the menu to the left on this blog. It has different spelling games and activities to use with our weekly words. We will also have a spelling packet each week in class, and tests will be given on Fridays during our Language Arts block. Students are responsible for studying and being prepared for the Friday spelling test.

Last week we changed out for P.E. twice. We’ve also learned a few pointers along the way. Please label the tag in your student’s clothing with their initials. All of the uniforms look the same, and it can be difficult to tell them apart. In addition, you are also welcome to put your child’s P.E. uniform in a ziplock bag or sports bag with a drawstring. This can help keep their things together, and contained in one area.