Week of September 30th








Hello friends!

This is our last week before fall break, and we’re all just a bit excited! I hope your family has a peaceful, fun break. I’ll be heading to San Diego, and then to Arkansas to visit with my middle daughter.

Last week in math we finished our investigations on measurement data. This week we will be breaking apart 2-digit multiplication problems, and understanding the meaning and structure of multiplication and division.

This week in language arts, we will be analyzing two texts using the strategy of compare and contrast. Students will also be working on possessive nouns and appropriate use of apostrophes. Spelling test #6 will be given on Friday. Please continue to help remind your child to fill out their reading logs and bring their planners to school each day.

Grandparents Day will be on October 18th. There is a beautiful invitation going out to families in the mail, and our very own Max Puntenney provided the art for the font cover! I will send out an email once we are closer to Grandparents Day to find out the number of people attending.

Have a lovely week!



Current Events are due Monday, September 30.

We are starting our Science Fair research, and will be wrapping up our unit on Soil and Landforms.  Students will have a quiz on Friday, October 4.  A study guide will be reviewed on Wednesday, October 2.   Some students have informed me that they will be out of town to start the Fall Break early; those students can take their quiz upon their return after the break.



Happy Fall!


Hello 4A friends!

Tomorrow marks the first day of fall, and with it, the welcome of cooler days. Last week we took advantage of the cooler weather to work on our math in the courtyard. Student pairs formulated and revised their own questions for a data investigation and had to come up with consistent procedures for measuring data. On Monday they will begin collecting and organizing data, and by the end of the week they will construct graphs and develop arguments based on gathered evidence.

This week in language arts, students will continue to work on identifying the main idea and supporting details as we read another article in our StoryWorks magazine from Scholastic. About a week ago, I introduced students to a 6 minute podcast. This is an ongoing story with cliffhangers at the end of every episode. Students work on making predictions and asking questions, and we always end with a great discussion of our thoughts. It has become one of the most exciting parts of the day.

On Friday, students will get to enjoy a live theatre production of Pinocchio in the gym at 10:00. This will also be a day I plan on having a substitute.

If you are interested in driving for our zoo field trip on Thursday October 24th, please let me know. We will need 3 drivers from our class. It will be a half day field trip that leaves in the morning before 9am. If you are interested, please email me. Once I have three drivers, you will still be welcome to come, you will just have to pay your own way.

A big thank you for coming to Back to School Night, and Welcome Back Night last week. It was a pleasure visiting with you all, and hopefully you have a better feel for how our class operates. I hope you all have a lovely week!

Week of September 16th

Greetings 4A Families!

This cooler weather is getting me excited for fall! I took a trip to Bisbee today and enjoyed the cool breezes and autumn decorations. I hope your family had a relaxing and fun weekend.

Last week our students represented (graphed) and compared data after measuring heights of 1st and 4th graders. They also had some great conversations while describing and interpreting the data. In reading we finished the novel Dear Mr. Henshaw, and began working on locating the main idea and supporting details in an expository text.

We also had a bit of fun unwinding and playing Minute to Win It games as a reward for great behavior. Students played a range of one minute games from stacking pennies to trying to eat an Oreo without using their hands. We had some great laughs!

This week, we will be continuing our work in math of using data to describe, compare, and summarize. In grammar we will be working on proper, singular, and plural nouns. We will also continue our work with identifying the main idea and supporting details within a text.

Don’t forget picture day is this Tuesday September 17th. Students should wear khaki bottoms and a red shirt. On Wednesday, students will take individual pictures and can wear free dress attire. Back to School Night will be this Thursday, September 19th from 6:00-7:30. We will start off in classrooms at 6:00, and head to the gymnasium around 6:30. I look forward to seeing you all!

Lastly, Friday night is Welcome Back Night from 5:00-8:00 PM – tacos, hot dogs, and gelato trucks will be on site! This event is being hosted by SMA and Vaqueros. I hope you all have a wonderful week.


Week of September 9th


Hi 4A Families!

We will continue our learning of U.S. landforms this week as we take notes during student lead presentations. Students were introduced to Google Slides last week, and will complete their digital slideshow in the next few days.

Our class has been working on earning a letter toward the word CELEBRATE over the past 3 weeks. Each day an enrichment teacher gave a sparkling report, a letter was received. This week we will have a small class celebration and play Minute to Win It games. Look for pictures on next week’s blog post.

In math, we will begin Unit 2: Generating and Representing Measurement Data. We will begin the week by collecting, recording, and describing the shape of the data distribution. We will be creating graphs and discussing how representations help us see data more clearly. We’ll also get a chance to work with our 1st grade buddy class, as we represent and compare the heights of 4th graders and 1st graders.

I need to touch base with each family this week to ensure the office has the correct contact information to be published in the directory. It should only take a moment when you drop your child off or pick them up. Thank you for your help with this.

I hope to see you all on Friday the 13th for Coffee Corner at 7:30 am. Thanks to SMA for hosting this gathering! Have a wonderful week.

Happy Labor Day!

September has arrived! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

This week we will not be visiting the library due to Labor Day. However, we will plan our next trip on Monday September 9th. The librarian Ms. Jane Devereaux will be spending some time with our class at the library on September 23 to ensure students feel confident about how to use the library and find the books they want.

Last week we finished our first investigation with math: Representing Multiplication with Arrays. This included visualizing multiplication, reasoning about numbers and their multiples and factors, and solving multiplicative comparison problems. This week we will begin our next investigation: Finding Factors. There is a high level of engagement and student collaboration in our new math curriculum, and it has been exciting to see them communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.

In language arts we have been working on sentence structures, and this week, students will show their  understanding of simple and compound sentences by including examples in their writing. We began reading Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary last week, and we will continue our study of this novel. I am enjoying their reflection questions to me entitled, Dear Mrs. Baese. This week we will also be reading a nonfiction article entitled “Our Beautiful Town is Gone” where we will discuss text features, as well as begin working on citing text evidence in our writing.

United States landforms will be our main focus in social studies this week. Students will explore the 8 major landforms in the U.S. and present their findings on one, to the class.

I heard good feedback about SpellingCity from many students and parents. Just as a reminder, the link can be found in the links bar on the left. In addition to the games and practices, you can also print out the weekly spelling list. We will have our second spelling test, this Friday, September 6th.