Week October 28


Happy Sunday 4A!

We had a fantastic field trip to the Reid Park Zoo last Thursday where students had the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes. We spent time in the kitchen where we learned about animal nutrition, and what it takes to feed over 250 animals. Students also spent time in the animal hospital area where surgeries take place, and got to interact with various small animals.


Wednesday we will be visiting our 1st grade buddies to do a fun Halloween activity.

Thursday we will enjoy root beer floats with 4B at 1:00, and then have a fun activity in our classroom prepared by our room parents. 4th grade also gets to join the Halloween parade this year which will begin at 2:45. K-3 will begin the parade in their courtyards and then we will join them for the tail end of the parade. I’m looking forward to a fun day!

Costumes may be worn to school on Thursday, however masks and accessories must stay in backpacks until the parade. No face paint, fake weapons, or gore are allowed. Thank you for your help with this.

Friday we will attend the Dia de los Muertos chapel from 10:00-11:00

Environmentally Friendly Lunch Changes

Starting November 1st, plastic water bottles will be eliminated as a choice for drinks. Students will still have the choice of white or chocolate milk. Students are encouraged to bring their reusable water bottles from home, and please make sure their names are clearly labeled. The lunch program is also transitioning to 100% biodegradable and recyclable containers, and plantware compostable utensils.


This week we will complete our unit on relating multiplication and division, and by the end of the week we will begin our study of geometry.


We began our novel study on Strider, and students are doing a nice job of identifying different types of figurative language. As we get deeper into the book, students will continue working on using text evidence to answer questions.


Personal narratives are getting closer to completion, and most students are in the revision and editing stage. I have been asking students to have another student read their paper back to them. It is often helpful to hear your own writing being read in order to catch mistakes. I am also asking students to weave different types of figurative language into their essays.

Social Studies

This week we begin our study of the southwest region, with a focus on geography – describing physical features of the Southwest, and understanding how people in the region use natural resources.






Current Event due October 30!

We are researching our topics for Science Fair Projects.  They are due at the end of class on October 30.

Please ask if there are any questions.

Week October 21st

Greetings 4A!

Thank you to all the grandparents and friends who visited us on Friday for Grandparent’s Day. Our students conducted interviews, shared a fun math routine called Quick Images, and worked on some mind puzzles together. It was a fun time! Last Thursday we got to enjoy a wind quintet from the Tucson Symphony. They played some classical tunes as well as pieces from Harry Potter. Students got to learn about the instruments and ask the musicians questions.

Math: This week we continue to study the relationship between multiplication and division. Students will be writing their own division word problems, and solving multi-digit multiplication.

Writing: Students completed their storyboards for our narrative writing last week. This week we will work toward publication of our personal narratives. We are focusing on organization and word choice as we try to pull the reader in.

Social Studies: Last week we spent time learning about the United States economy, and how to make an economic decision. This week we move into our study of regions.

Reading: In reading we will be identifying figurative language, and learning how to use it in our own writing.

Thursday is our field trip to Reid Park Zoo. Thank you to all the drivers who volunteered to go with us. We will be back to school in time for lunch. I will be sending drivers an email with more details. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Week of October 14th

Greetings 4A Families!

I hope this post finds you all relaxed from fall break! I can’t wait to catch up with the kids to find out about their adventures. I had a lovely time with my daughter in Arkansas, and got caught up with some old friends as well.

We have a busy week ahead.

Tuesday, Oct. 15 : Blessing of the Stuffed Animals in chapel –  Students are encouraged to bring one small or medium sized stuffed animal to school to be blessed.

Thursday, Oct. 17: Tucson Orchestra Wind Quartet –  10:45 – 11:45 in the Parish Center.

Friday, Oct. 18th : Grandparents Day – Please let your child know if they will be having a grandparent or special friend visit on this day. We will be doing an activity together and I want to make sure I have the right amount of supplies and seating.

Grandparents Day Schedule

7:30 – 8:00 am – Check-in: breakfast and coffee in the gym

8:05 – Upper School performance & welcome from Mr. Sullivan

8:45 – 9:45 – Classroom visit.

9:45 – Grandparents and grandchildren will take pictures in the Creswell Couryard.


This week we will be working on division with remainders, division strategies, and relating multiplication and division within word problems.

Language Arts

  • Reading: We will begin reading Strider, the sequel to Dear Mr. Henshaw. During our work with the novel we will be focusing on figurative language, and point of view.
  • Spelling: Spelling words have been uploaded on Spellingcity.com. We will be working on words that make the long e sound.
  • Writing: Over the next couple weeks we will be working on writing a narrative essay. We will kick this off by creating a storyboard to guide our writing.

Social Studies

This week we will be distinguishing regions of the United States and reading maps to help answer questions. This will lead into our study of the Southwest in the coming weeks.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Science Fair

We have been researching Science Fair Topics this week.

Students were given a Final Topic Selection form to bring home, go over with parents, and bring back signed by October 16.  This is the first stage in our Science Fair project process, so look for updates on your child’s class blog (here), and please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.   ljamison@stmichael.net


Science Fair Information Night:

There will be an information meeting for 4th grade parents on Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30pm in the Science Room.  Mrs. Jamison will present an overview of our Science Fair process and answer any questions.