Week November 18


Happy Sunday 4A! What a beautiful weekend to get out and enjoy the sun and blue skies!

The week ahead:

Canned Food Drive – We continue to collect canned food until November 25th. Thank you to all who have donated so far!

Tuesday: TERC Math Info Session with Miss Hart and Ms. Gould 6:00-7:00

Wednesday: Half day- dismissal is at 12:00

Thursday: Students will have the opportunity to enjoy a string quintet from the Tucson Symphony at 10:45 in the Parish Center

Math: This week in math we continue our study of geometry. We will be combining polygons to make new polygons, and we will be classifying quadrilaterals and triangles by their attributes (relative length of sides, size of angles, presence of parallel or perpendicular lines).

English/Language Arts: We will continue practicing our Readers’ Theatre play, The Thanksgiving Table. Students will also be working with specific vocabulary from the play, and will be writing a story extension.

Social Studies: Do you have the catchy tune Fifty Nifty United States stuck in your head yet? Students have been having fun learning/memorizing the names of all the states with this song written by Ray Charles. We are still learning about the Southwest Region, and students will continue to work on their Arizona state project. Many students have been working on their Google slides at home in addition to what they have started in class. Please email me if you have any trouble logging into student accounts at home.

Have a fantastic week!