Week of December 9

Hello 4A Friends!

On Friday, we got to celebrate St. Nicolas’s Day and put out a shoe for a fun surprise. I didn’t even think about putting one of my shoes out, but the students were certain he would leave me something. They were right, he left me some spiced tea bags and a candy cane! What a wonderful St. Michael’s tradition.

This week:

Spelling- Spelling City would not allow me upload the words this week because they are all possessive nouns. I am including them here on the blog. Students will have to do without Spelling City for this week.

Lesson 14 words:

















As we continue our study of geometry, students will be: dividing irregular polygons into two shapes that have equal areas, using symmetry and congruence to identify equal areas, and finding the area of polygons using square units. The kids are having so much fun with this unit!

Language Arts-

Students used a graphic organizer on Friday to brainstorm a story about getting stuck in a snow globe. They are coming up with some imaginative ideas about how they got stuck, and their plan to get out. This week we will begin writing our essays. One area of focus is using a hook in the introduction in order to entice the reader. We are also using our five senses to give juicy details about life in the snow globe. I am hoping we can complete this before Christmas break.


Last week we read an article called ” I Live in a Refugee Camp,”  from StoryWorks Magazine. Students learned about the life of a young girl from Somalia, and some history about why the camps exist. In the coming days, they will look closer at the article, and answer some critical thinking questions.

This week we will also be reading a fiction story about a 10 year old boy who is trying to earn his orange belt in karate. We will be focusing on character analysis, figurative language, and cause and effect.

Social Studies-

The social studies Arizona State Project was due on Friday. We will be taking a vocabulary and map test on the Southwest Region on Monday December 16. I will be sending home a study guide with students on Monday. Included is an example of a United States map. One thing students will need to do, is identify and locate the four states in this region and spell them correctly.

This week we will also be moving on to learn about the Northeast Region.

St. Nick performance-

Students will have their St. Nick performance on Friday December 13th from 2:00-3:00

Please have your student come to school on Friday in their uniform. Send their “fancy Christmas attire” in a separate bag, and we will change before the performance. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!