Merry Christmas! Week December 16

Greeting 4A Families!

It’s hard to believe that we are in our last week of school before Christmas break! Friday’s music performance was fun and festive, and our class looked smashing in their party attire. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season while taking time to savor the moments with your 4th grader; these young ones are at such a special point in their lives.

The week ahead:

Wednesday- At 10:15 we will be making gingerbread houses with 4B. At the end of the day our class will play some games, watch a holiday movie, and share a treat.


  • Las Posadas 10:30
  • Early Dismissal 12:00
  • No aftercare

Math- We are on our last lesson in this geometry unit. Once complete, we move on to Unit 5: Large Numbers and Landmarks. Our first investigation will focus on extending knowledge of the number system to one million. Students will be identifying, describing, and comparing addition strategies, and using clear and concise notation to record them.

Language Arts- We will continue writing our stories about getting stuck in a snow globe. Some students have chosen to publish their stories in Google documents. I love their drive to use technology! We took some pretty funny pictures to go along with our snow globes. The students can bring those home at the end of the week.

Reading- We will not be going to the library this Monday, since we will be gone for break when books would be due. If your student has books out, they will need to give them to me by Wednesday, and I will return them to the library.

This week we will be reading the article, “The Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius” from our StoryWorks publication. Students will learn about the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city of Pompeii, and what life was like in ancient Rome.

Social Studies- Our Southwest Region test is this Monday. We began learning and taking notes on the Northeast Region last week. We will continue our study of this region this week, and upon our return to school in January.

Spelling– words for this week have been posted on Spellingcity. I will also start posting them on the blog each week.

  1. person
  2. sure
  3. touch
  4. tropical
  5. young
  6. island
  7. built
  8. against
  9. different
  10. palm
  11. awhile
  12. answer
  13. mountain
  14. remember
  15. camera

Merry Christmas!


Joanna Baese