Week January 27th

Hello 4A Friends!

A big BRAVO to our Into the Woods participants! Our students put their heart and soul into this show, and I am so proud of all their hard work!

The week ahead:

Monday – Math-a-thon kick-off!  (packets get sent home Friday)

Tuesday– Bev Bly sub

Spelling (Words with the /k/ sound)

  1. junk
  2. socket
  3. carpet
  4. kangaroo
  5. corner
  6. picnic
  7. ticket
  8. candle
  9. bucket
  10. creaky
  11. attack
  12. plastic
  13. racket
  14. attic
  15. hockey

Math – This week we continue our work on fractions and decimals. Students will represent and notate fractions greater than one, and develop arguments about the relative size of two fractions.

ELA–  Students are publishing their own poetry books, including 10 varieties of poems. This week we will be working on lantern, limerick, and quatrain poems. We also continue to develop our descriptive writing through modeling of mentor sentences.

Social Studies – We are beginning our study of the Southeast Region this week with a focus on its geography and early history. Reminder:Northeast Region test on Friday January 31st.

Valentines Day- We will have a valentine exchange on Friday February 14th. This will also include the other 4th grade class. I am including a list of names for both classes in this weeks’. Students should bring in some sort of mailbox/bag to collect their valentines. We will not be making these at school. Your child is welcome to bring in one from a previous year, make a new one, or just label a lunch bag with their name. Please wait until Thursday the 13th to send it in, due to lack of classroom space.

Have a fantastic week!


Whew!  4th graders worked very hard on their project boards this week; I can’t wait to see them all on display in the Student Center.   Mrs. Hawes came in to assist students on their chrome books this morning and I told the students I’m available at lunch if they want to come in.  I’m not usually available during Friday’s lunchtime, but 3rd grades are on a field trip today.   I did not know play students are leaving at noon today, but it works out that they can take their boards home to put on some finishing touches.


Have a wonderful weekend.



It’s time to put our boards together!
Please have your student bring in any materials they want to use to put on their science boards for tomorrow’s science class.  (Science boards have a black background).

Some students have expressed that they would like their graphs/data in color and will print their information at home.  If students want to print their information at home, that is fine.  I will have available to them:

boards, glue, construction/colored paper,  and some letters (not full sets).


We will be presenting our boards next week to our peers.  Please contact me if you have any questions:



Week January 20th

Hello 4A Friends!

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming 3 day weekend. It was wonderful meeting with many of you this week during parent teacher conferences. Thank you for all your support!

The week ahead…

Monday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, no school

Friday-Sunday: Into the Woods performances. Please purchase your ticket soon! You don’t want to miss it. I plan on going Friday night!

Spelling words (#19, Words with the /j/ Sound)

  1. bridge
  2. jazz
  3. image
  4. luggage
  5. jumble
  6. range
  7. message
  8. jockey
  9. manage
  10. gentle
  11. plunge
  12. cabbage
  13. lodge
  14. garbage
  15. dangerous

Math – This week we will continue finding fractional parts of rectangles. We will also be reading and writing tenths and hundredths, representing tenths and hundredths as parts of an area, and identifying equivalent fractions and explaining why they are equivalent.

Language Arts – Our poetry unit continues! This past week we learned about the structural elements of the following poems: acrostic, syllable cinquains, and word cinquains. This week we will be reading, analyzing, and creating concrete, couplet, diamonte, and haiku poetry.

Social Studies – We will have a Northeast Region test on January 31st. Students have been given a study guide, and can access it in Google Classroom, or their Google drive. This week we will start exploring the Southeast Region of the United States.

A few more notes…

Please put the following field trips on your calendar:

  • Cooper Environmental Center, Friday March 20th from 9:15-3:30
  • Playformance, Tuesday May 12th from 9:00-11:30 (end of year party)

Lastly, this week I gave students a log-in for a fun learning resource. The website is called freckle.com and it was created by Renaissance. Students have access to differentiated learning in math, language arts, science, and social studies. The students all know how to log-in, and are welcome to do so from home if they have the inclination. My class code is BAESEW. From there, they only need to enter their names, and it will take them to their page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Make (not have) a great week!



Week January 13th


Greetings 4A!

I look forward to seeing you all during parent teacher conferences this week. There are many spots still available if you have not chosen a time yet. Wednesday is a half day and students will be dismissed at 12:00.

Spelling words (homophones)- words are also posted on Spellingcity.com

  1. close
  2. sight
  3. poor
  4. peek
  5. groan
  6. waste
  7. clothes
  8. miner
  9. pour
  10. site
  11. peak
  12. waist
  13. grown
  14. pore
  15. minor

Math- This week we will finish up on Unit 5: Large Numbers and Landmarks, and begin Unit 6: Fractions and Decimal Grids. In this first week of fractions we will be focusing on finding fractional parts of a rectangle, interpreting the meaning of the numerator and denominator of a fraction, and identifying equivalent fractions and explaining why they are equivalent.

Social Studies – This week we continue our study of the Northeast Region of the United States.

Language Arts- This week we will begin a unit on poetry. Students will be learning how to identify and create different types of poetry based on structure. Students will also be incorporating what they learned about figurative language into their own poems. We will also be analyzing the poem, “Snail at Moonrise” found in this month’s StoryWorks magazine.

Have a wonderful week!


Student Data is due tomorrow, January 8.  In conferencing with students on Monday, I was so impressed by some of the data that had been collected.  We are in the process of typing all of our information up, and we will be graphing our data in class next week.

Coming up:

Completed by:   January 15 – data analysis

January 22 and 24 – putting boards together (look for information to come home regarding what students will need to bring to class)


                               Week of January 27 – Student Presentations!!!!!   Woot!


Happy New Year!

Dear 4A Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed a restful break. I always relish this time of year, spending time with loved ones, and looking toward the future with hope. Here is one of my favorite poems (reminders) that is posted in our classroom.


A Beautiful New Day

This is the beginning of a new day. 

God has given me this day to use as I will. 

I can waste it or use it for good, 

but what I do today is important 

because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. 

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, 

leaving in its place something that I have traded for it. 

I want it to be gain and not loss; good and not evil; 

success and not failure; in order that I shall not 

regret the price I have paid for it. 



Parent Teacher Conferences – Hopefully you all received the sign up genius I sent out for P/T conferences. If you didn’t, please use this link to sign up. I have times open on Wednesday – Friday 1/15- 1/17. I am more than happy to meet with you the following week if one of these times does not work for you. Please let me know.

Lastly I would like to thank each of you for the generous Christmas gift card and bottle of wine. We had a wonderful holiday celebration and enjoyed making gingerbread (graham cracker) houses. Thank you to our homeroom parents for bringing in all the supplies and helping with set up!


2020, here we come!


Joanna Baese


Spelling for week January 6 (irregular plurals)

  1. leaves
  2. calves
  3. lives (from singular life)
  4. oxen
  5. wives
  6. halves
  7. mice
  8. wolves
  9. thieves
  10. loaves
  11. geese
  12. knives
  13. shelves
  14. scarves
  15. themselves