Week January 27th

Hello 4A Friends!

A big BRAVO to our Into the Woods participants! Our students put their heart and soul into this show, and I am so proud of all their hard work!

The week ahead:

Monday – Math-a-thon kick-off!  (packets get sent home Friday)

Tuesday– Bev Bly sub

Spelling (Words with the /k/ sound)

  1. junk
  2. socket
  3. carpet
  4. kangaroo
  5. corner
  6. picnic
  7. ticket
  8. candle
  9. bucket
  10. creaky
  11. attack
  12. plastic
  13. racket
  14. attic
  15. hockey

Math – This week we continue our work on fractions and decimals. Students will represent and notate fractions greater than one, and develop arguments about the relative size of two fractions.

ELA–  Students are publishing their own poetry books, including 10 varieties of poems. This week we will be working on lantern, limerick, and quatrain poems. We also continue to develop our descriptive writing through modeling of mentor sentences.

Social Studies – We are beginning our study of the Southeast Region this week with a focus on its geography and early history. Reminder:Northeast Region test on Friday January 31st.

Valentines Day- We will have a valentine exchange on Friday February 14th. This will also include the other 4th grade class. I am including a list of names for both classes in this weeks’. Students should bring in some sort of mailbox/bag to collect their valentines. We will not be making these at school. Your child is welcome to bring in one from a previous year, make a new one, or just label a lunch bag with their name. Please wait until Thursday the 13th to send it in, due to lack of classroom space.

Have a fantastic week!