4th graders have started a new unit: Energy and Electromagnetism.   This week students are investigating electric current and circuits, the pathways through which electricity flows. They are working with a variety of components—D-cells, solar cells, lightbulbs, motors, switches, wires—and will eventually explore conductors and insulators. Over the next few weeks, students learn that energy transfer results in heat, light, sound, and motion and will be introduced to sources of energy and components that store energy for later use.

I went over safety guidelines with the students for this unit explaining what a short circuit is and how to avoid it (the battery will get hot, it’s more alarming than dangerous) and that if students want to do any “extra exploring” with their supplies to just ask me first.

Week February 24

Welcome Back 4A!

I hope you all had a relaxing break! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning and finding out what fun things you did over the last week.

The week ahead:

Tuesday– Pancake Lunch – Students will be eating in the Creswell Courtyard while enjoying a performance from the Tucson High Steel Drum Band.

Wednesday– Mother Clare will be administering ashes during chapel today.

Spelling– Words with the Prefixes in-, re-, and un-

  1. remove
  2. unfair
  3. instant
  4. regret
  5. unable
  6. instead
  7. review
  8. unaware
  9. invent
  10. repeat
  11. unless
  12. incorrect
  13. retreat
  14. refuse
  15. incomplete

Social Studies– We continue our study of the Southeast Region. Students will take a closer look at important industries in the Atlantic Coast states, and Gulf Coast states.

ELA–  This week we will be reading a play adaptation of a classic tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Students will work on the following skills:  identifying characters’ motivations, compare and contrast, vocabulary, author’s craft, and plot.

Math– Students will be working on computation with rational numbers this week. We will be: multiplying whole numbers by fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, using visual models to solve word problems involving multiplication of a fraction by a whole number, and solving problems involving measurement.

Have a wonderful week!

Week February 10

Hello 4A Friends!

We had a productive and exciting week last week! Monday morning chapel was a blast as students competed in the edible car race. Two students from our class were recognized with ribbons for their  successful inventions. Congrats to Ava Downer and Jay Slavin! On Friday morning K-4 got to travel to the Fox Theatre to watch a production of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. It was performed by the Dallas Children’s Theatre. Reading the book in class prior to the field trip was great way to see the book come to life! STEM night also took place on Friday evening. We had several 4A scientists recognized. Congratulations to: Cecilia Kramer (2nd place) Do Cats Have Unique Paw Prints?, Max Puntenney (3rd place) Tooth Decay, and Aleks Wolert (Honorable Mention) Swimming Out of the Fog. Great job to everyone for their hard work on Science Fair!

The coming week...


  • Math-A-Thon money due! 
  • Fee Dress Day, $2
  • Wed – Fri. Mrs. Bly will be subbing for our class. I will be traveling to Arkansas to visit my daughter


  • Bring in your Valentine box/bag for Friday


  • Valentines Day- 4A and 4B will be exchanging valentines.
  • Relaxed Dress

Rodeo break – No school February 17 – February 21

Spelling: (words with ex)

  1. except
  2. example
  3. exciting
  4. exactly
  5. extend
  6. expect
  7. excuse
  8. explain
  9. express
  10. exert
  11. exercise
  12. exhausted
  13. excellent
  14. expensive
  15. extremely

Math- This week we will be adding and subtracting fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.


  • Students will synthesize information from two texts about space rocks, their destructive potential, and what can be done to protect Earth from being hit by one
  • We will be looking closely at a poem called Early Explorers. Students will work on the skills: fluency, author’s purpose, making connections
  • Expository paragraph writing

Social Studies- We will continue our study of the Southeast Region.

Have a wonderful week!




Week February 3

Greetings 4A!

First, I must thank our students for all the thought and energy they put into planning my birthday. You can imagine my surprise when I entered a dark room with a unison shout of “Surprise!” from the class. The walls were adorned with bright colored posters and banners, balloons were scattered all around, and party poppers were blasted in every direction. The flowers, handmade cards, cupcakes, candies, and cookies were an added treat. They really made my day!

The week ahead:

Monday: The Edible Car Race will take place in the Student Center at 8:05


  • K-4 will attend performance of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day at the Fox Theatre. We will be taking a bus to the event. We will leave school at 9:00 and return by 11:45. **Students should wear a red shirt and khaki bottoms**
  • STEM Night takes place in the Student Center starting at 5:30pm. I hope to see you there!

Spelling (words with the /s/ sound)

  1. silent
  2. suit
  3. special
  4. sorry
  5. notice
  6. ceiling
  7. promise
  8. sudden
  9. cereal
  10. select
  11. circus
  12. office
  13. sentence
  14. balance
  15. celebrate

Math: Our math focus points for this week include: comparing and ordering fractions and justifying their order through reasoning about fraction equivalencies and relationships, representing fractions on a number line, and comparing fractions to landmarks 0, 1/2, 1, and 2.

Reading: This week we will be reading the nonfiction text “Frozen Dreams”. This text is about an Arctic explorer, who helped discover the North Pole. Students will learn about his achievements, and why he was long denied recognition of his discoveries. Our focus skills will include: critical thinking, identifying author’s purpose, making inferences, and finding the main idea.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the early history of the Southeast Region.

ELA: We are wrapping up our poetry unit this week. The students had fun creating their own poetry books which include a variety of 10 types of poems. We will begin expository writing over the next several weeks.

Have a wonderful week!