Week February 3

Greetings 4A!

First, I must thank our students for all the thought and energy they put into planning my birthday. You can imagine my surprise when I entered a dark room with a unison shout of “Surprise!” from the class. The walls were adorned with bright colored posters and banners, balloons were scattered all around, and party poppers were blasted in every direction. The flowers, handmade cards, cupcakes, candies, and cookies were an added treat. They really made my day!

The week ahead:

Monday: The Edible Car Race will take place in the Student Center at 8:05


  • K-4 will attend performance of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day at the Fox Theatre. We will be taking a bus to the event. We will leave school at 9:00 and return by 11:45. **Students should wear a red shirt and khaki bottoms**
  • STEM Night takes place in the Student Center starting at 5:30pm. I hope to see you there!

Spelling (words with the /s/ sound)

  1. silent
  2. suit
  3. special
  4. sorry
  5. notice
  6. ceiling
  7. promise
  8. sudden
  9. cereal
  10. select
  11. circus
  12. office
  13. sentence
  14. balance
  15. celebrate

Math: Our math focus points for this week include: comparing and ordering fractions and justifying their order through reasoning about fraction equivalencies and relationships, representing fractions on a number line, and comparing fractions to landmarks 0, 1/2, 1, and 2.

Reading: This week we will be reading the nonfiction text “Frozen Dreams”. This text is about an Arctic explorer, who helped discover the North Pole. Students will learn about his achievements, and why he was long denied recognition of his discoveries. Our focus skills will include: critical thinking, identifying author’s purpose, making inferences, and finding the main idea.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the early history of the Southeast Region.

ELA: We are wrapping up our poetry unit this week. The students had fun creating their own poetry books which include a variety of 10 types of poems. We will begin expository writing over the next several weeks.

Have a wonderful week!