5th Grade, Here We Come!

Greetings 4A Friends,

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for a wonderful year. I have loved having your students in my class, and getting to know you and your families. I hope you have a healthy and fun summer, and I look forward to seeing you all again in the Creswell Courtyard this fall. Please look in your email for a link to the slideshow I made for our 2019-2020 school year.

Art Expo– Please take some time to visit our virtual Art Expo! The students did a wonderful job!

Monday May 18th– Make sure to arrive at our drive thru at 10:00 am with the following materials:

  • Chromebook and charger
  • Social studies textbook
  • Spanish book
  • Bunnicula
  • White board and eraser
  • red pencil box
  • Letter to 5th grade teacher (This week’s L.A. assignment)

This should be a quick process where we will exchange materials through your car window. We are asking that students stay inside the car to maintain a safe distance. Teachers will be wearing masks during this time.

Lastly don’t forget, any unfinished assignments can be turned in by this Thursday, May 21st.

Have a fantastic summer!


Ms. Baese


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our 4A moms! I hope today was a special day in celebration of you. I feel compelled to share a prayer my grandmother gave to me when I became a mother. I can’t help but think of her on this very special day.

A Prayer for Mothers

Good and gentle God, we pray in gratitude for our mothers and for all the women of the world who have joined with you in the wonder of bringing forth new life. You who became human through a woman, grant to all mothers the courage they need to face the uncertain future that life with children always brings. Give them the strength to love and to be loved in return, not perfectly, but humanly. Give them the faithful support of family and friends as they care for the physical and spiritual growth of their children. Give them joy and delight in their children to sustain them through the trials of motherhood. Most of all, give them the wisdom to turn to you for help with they need it most.  Amen.

And now… on to our LAST WEEK of school!

Spelling– States in the West – (only 11 words this week)

  1. Washington
  2. Oregon
  3. California
  4. Idaho
  5. Nevada
  6. Montana
  7. Hawaii
  8. Alaska
  9. Colorado
  10. Wyoming
  11. Utah

Math– This week we will be reviewing  area and perimeter of rectangles and squares. The students will be creating robots made with quadrilaterals and using these figures to calculate the area and perimeter of its parts.

L.A.– Students will be reading the story “Clean Start” from StoryWorks. This is a fictional text about a boy and his secret robot. Students will be looking to see how and why the main character changes throughout the story. Students will also be finishing their friendly letter to next year’s teacher. They will be introducing themselves personally and sharing goals they have for the coming year.

Social Studies- Last week students learned ways people of the West use and protect their environment. This week students will explore and analyze 4 different points of view about how public lands should be used.


Wednesday May 13 Spirit Day- Share your favorite book day

Friday May 15– Last day, ending with our morning Zoom meeting.

Monday May 18th– Drive thru, drop off

4A will be dropping off materials in the drive-thru at 10:00 am. There will be a class that is coming before us, and after us, so please try to arrive at 10:00. We will have help to make this move quickly. Please have students stay inside the vehicle for safety reasons; we will hand off items through the car windows. I will also be handing you some things to take home, including library cards, art portfolios, summer work, and small gift bags for the kids.

Please bring the following items to drop off:

  • Chromebook and charger
  • Social studies textbook
  • Spanish book
  • Bunnicula
  • White board and eraser
  • red pencil box
  • Letter to 5th grade teacher (This week’s L.A. assignment)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful week!
Ms. Baese

Week May 4

Greetings 4A Friends!

May has arrived, and unbelievably we are in our last two weeks of school. Let’s give these last ten days our best effort as we come to a close. As we look ahead to the finish line, we are organizing a drive-thru on Monday May 18th, where you can drive up to drop off all school materials including textbooks, Chromebook, etc. We will have it set up where you can hand me your materials through your car window. There will be more detail in next week’s blog about logistics, however plan on the 9am hour. I hope to see all of my sweet 4th graders so I can wave them off to the start of their summer. We will follow safety protocols, and ask that no students exit their vehicle.

The week ahead-

Spelling (Lesson 31, Compound Words)

  1. highway
  2. football
  3. classmate
  4. skateboard
  5. motorcycle
  6. newspaper
  7. background
  8. notebook
  9. stoplight
  10. sideline
  11. crosswalk
  12. somewhere
  13. grandstand
  14. brainstorm
  15. scrapbook

Math- This week we will be reviewing fractions (comparing, ordering, simplifying, adding and subtracting).

Social Studies– Students will be learning how people in the West use and protect the environment.

Language Arts– Students will be spending these last two weeks on their final writing piece, a letter to their fifth grade teacher.  This will be used as a sample of their writing, as well as an introduction to next year’s fifth grade teacher. We will also be reading a pair of expository texts focusing on an environmental crisis in London in 1858.  Students will be using text evidence in order to answer questions and draw conclusions.


  • May 6th: St. Michael’s School Uniform Day
  • May 13th: Share Your Favorite Book Day
  • May 15: Last day of online assignments & Zoom class party
  • May 18: 9am – Drive-thru to drop off Chromebook, textbooks,  and materials

Have a lovely week!


Ms. Baese

Week April 27

Greetings 4A Friends,

I hope this blog post finds you all well and ready for a new week!

Spelling: Lesson 30 (More Easily Misspelled Words)

  1. believe
  2. guess
  3. century
  4. machine
  5. library
  6. probably
  7. recognize
  8. separate
  9. question
  10. portrait
  11. citizen
  12. enough
  13. government
  14. biography
  15. especially

Math- This week students will begin to review concepts taught throughout the year. Our review focus this week will be on factors, multiples, prime and composite numbers, and line plots. I will give a review assessment at the end of the week.

Language Arts- Students will be reading the play, “Sea Turtle Summer”. This play is a work of fiction, but it also includes many facts about sea turtles. Students will work on critical thinking, vocabulary, and distinguishing fact from fiction. We will also read and analyze the poem “The Cup of Ocean”. At the end of the week, students will be taking a photo of something in nature they find beautiful. They will also write and illustrate a haiku that accompanies the photograph.

Social Studies– This week students will be reading about the early history of the West in order to describe the different cultures of Native Americans, and to explain why settlers moved there.


  • April 29th: Pajama Day
  • May 6th: St. Michael’s School Uniform Day
  • May 13th: Share Your Favorite Book Day
  • May 15th: Last Day of Online Distance Learning Assignments/Tests
  • May 18th – 21st: Turn-in any Loose Ends

Have a beautiful week!

Week April 20



Greetings 4A!

First and foremost, I want to thank each of you for all you have been doing at home. I am encouraged to hear the many things our students are doing with their families during this pandemic, and all the creative ways students are using their precious time. Just to list a few: baking cakes and cookies, helping make lunches and dinners, building amazing rollercoasters out of Legos, constructing wooden lock boxes, using the sewing machine to make pillows and shirts, playing instruments, herding cattle, making homemade journals with adorning clay letters, making movies, playing basketball, growing tomatoes and zucchini in the garden, bike riding with siblings, writing diaries, caring for: rats, hamsters, horses, snakes, dogs, and cats, writing books, writing letters to loved ones, … and the list goes on!

This truly is a gift of time to hold your loved ones near, and the memories you are creating will last a lifetime. Our students feel loved and safe, and this is what’s most important. We encourage you to find a balance at home that works best for your family. We want students to focus on learning and doing their best. To reiterate what Miss Hart shared on the blog this past Friday, we will be grading with leniency this trimester. Your student will not receive a lower grade than second trimester in any subject, but he or she will have the ability to raise it. As always, please reach out to me with any concerns or questions.

 Important Dates:

  • April 22nd; Crazy Hat Day
  • April 29th; Pajama Day
  • May 6th; St. Michael’s School Uniform Day
  • May 13th; Share Your Favorite Book Day
  • May 15th; Last Day of Online Distance Learning Assignments/Tests
  • May 18th – 21st; Turn-in any Loose Ends
  • TBD;  Virtual Class Party during week of May 18th – 21st
  • TBD;  Return of Device/Materials during week of May 18th – 21st

Spelling Words #29  (Adjectives That End with -er and -est)

  1. happy
  2. cloudy
  3. uglier
  4. heaviest
  5. pretty
  6. happier
  7. cloudiest
  8. ugly
  9. heavier
  10. happiest
  11. prettier
  12. ugliest
  13. heavy
  14. cloudier
  15. prettiest

Onward to Week 5!


Joanna Baese


April 14 – 17

Happy Easter!

I hope each of you had a nice Easter with your family, and that the break from school offered some relaxation!

The week ahead…

Spelling- We are still working on lesson #28 (words that end with -tion, -ture, and -ure). Tomorrow morning I will talk to the kids about their Spelling City accounts. Due to Covid-19 school closures, Spelling City has given students permission to do all activities and games for free. They can now sign in with a username and password. The username is Baese and then their class #(no spaces), and their password is the same password they use for their freckle.com account.

Social Studies- The Midwest state project is due this Wednesday, April 15th. This week we are completing our study of the Midwest region. Students will be reading about the Plains states, and learning how people in cities, on farms, and on ranches depend on one another.

Math- This week we continue articulating rules that describe number patterns, analyzing patterns to solve problems, and using tables to model situations.

Language Arts- Students will continue reading the novel Bunnicula, and we should finish up with this book next week. We will also be reading a play based on an ancient fable from India, The Elephants and the Mice. This play shows that acts of kindness can sometimes be repaid in unexpected ways. We will focus on comparing and contrasting two characters. Lastly, we will be working on a TOP SECRET creative writing project.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns!

Joanna Baese

April 6 – April 8

Greetings 4A Families,

We are already starting week 3 of online learning. The students seem to be adjusting well; they really are flexible fourth graders! The highlight of my day is always seeing them during our morning and individual Zoom meetings. These meetings have been a great way to get organized for the day, play games, participate in mini-lessons, and check in with one another. Sometimes the technology can be frustrating, but again…we’re flexible fourth graders!

This week is a 3 day school week. Spelling list 28 will stretch over the next two weeks, with our test on Friday April 17th.

Spelling (words that end with -tion, -ture, and -ure)

  1. nation
  2. moisture
  3. direction
  4. figure
  5. mention
  6. creature
  7. vacation
  8. pleasure
  9. condition
  10. location
  11. feature
  12. attention
  13. adventure
  14. protection
  15. furniture


We are starting on our last unit in math: Analyzing Patterns and Rules. This week we will be working with an activity called Penny Jars where students generate number patterns and identify features of that pattern. They will also be making rules to describe their number patterns. We will use a variety of visual representations as well as numerical expressions to show our work.

Language Arts

Students will continue to read the novel Bunnicula. Last week we wrote a friendly letter to a loved one, and this week students will write a friendly letter to one of the book’s characters. We will also be reviewing the use of the homophones (they’re, their, and there) in grammar.

Social Studies

The Midwest state project is due on Wednesday April 15th. We will also be continuing our study of the Midwest Region.


Lastly, don’t forget to send in pictures of your kindness rocks! They’ve already started coming in, and they look inspiring. Have a peaceful week, and most importantly a Blessed Easter!


Joanna Baese


Week 2 Online Learning




Greetings 4A!

Oh how I miss your beautiful children! My favorite part of the day is seeing their faces in our morning Zoom meeting. I hope the last week went as smooth as possible for your family. I know everyone has a lot on their plates, having to make many adjustments to work and home life. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help ease the transition with online learning.

Zoom meetings

From this point on, students will use the same link to meet me in Zoom. For both our 9:00 morning meeting, and one on one meetings, they can use the same link found on the Stream page of Google Classroom. For an additional layer of security, they will need to add a password to enter the meeting. They can find the password on Google Classroom next to the Zoom meeting link. I have also asked students to only enter the meeting with their first and last names, not nicknames. I will not be allowing students to enter with made-up names.


I would like to remind students that Chromebooks should only be used for school work. Students should not be using devices for personal use.

Spelling (number words)

  1. thirty
  2. sixteen
  3. eleven
  4. billion
  5. forty
  6. thirteen
  7. fifteen
  8. eighteen
  9. fifty
  10. fourteen
  11. million
  12. nineteen
  13. twenty
  14. seventeen
  15. twelve


This week students are working on solving multiplication and division problems, solving multi-step problems, and writing equations using a letter for the unknown number.

Social Studies

Students will be reading and answering questions about transportation and industry in the Midwest. They will also continue to work on their assigned Midwest state booklet. The instructions for this are included in the bag they took home from school.

Language Arts

This week students will be writing a friendly letter to an elderly person in their life. Requirements for this are in Google Classroom, and we will go over it during our morning meeting. Students will also be reading the fiction story ” There Were Giants” from Storyworks, a story about a girl who risks danger to try to rescue her injured grandfather. They will be looking at figurative language within the story, and differentiating between similes and metaphors. Lastly they will be answering comprehension questions and sequencing events from chapters 3 and 4 of our novel study Bunnicula.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful week!


Joanna Baese

4A Distance Learning

Greetings 4A Families,

I hope this week’s blog finds you and your loved ones well. The sea of empty desks in front of me feels surreal, and it’s hard to believe the turn of events in just a week. I will be keeping you all in my prayers in the days ahead.

As we move into distance learning, I’m sure there are some things we will need to adjust along the way. Before we officially start on Monday, there are a few things that will be important to know.

  1. Make sure your child is able to sign into their Google Classroom. The icon can be found at the bottom bar of their Chromebook screen.
  2. I posted directions on the Stream page of Google Classroom on how your student can create their Zoom account. This must be done from the student’s Chromebook, not a personal device. Please contact me if you encounter a problem.
  3. The Stream page is where I will post announcements. Students will be asked to comment from time to time. I would ask that students make sure comments are relevant to the post. This is not a platform to “text” one another.
  4. The Classwork tab will take your student to a page of all their assignments. This is organized by subject area. They can enter each subject area from the left side of the page. I have tried to organize assignments by due date. I have also included the week day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) in the title of the assignment as an extra way to help students know when to work on a specific assignment.
  5. Classwork should take between 3-4 hours per day. I have provided a sample schedule to help students organize their time. Please adjust this as needed.


I will be holding our first Zoom meeting on Monday at 9:00am. I will post a link on the Stream page (front page of Google Classroom) at 8:55. Students should click on the link and it will take them to our live meeting. I plan to hold a 9:00 Monday morning meeting each week using this same routine. I will discuss logistics and expectations in our first meeting.

Please know I am here for each of you and encourage you to ask questions and share concerns. I look forward to seeing 4A on Monday morning!


God bless you,

Joanna Baese

Week March 16

Greetings 4A Friends!

As you already know from Mr. Sullivan’s recent communication, St. Michael’s has made the decision to close our school starting tomorrow, Monday March 16th.  As measures are taken to keep the health and well being of our students at the forefront, please know that your student’s academic progress continues to be a top priority. I will have your student’s belongings and Chromebooks ready for pick up in the classroom on Tuesday between 8:00-10:00 am. You may want to bring a tote bag to carry items home. I thank you in advance for your patience as we move to a distance learning environment.


Joanna Baese