Whew!  4th graders worked very hard on their project boards this week; I can’t wait to see them all on display in the Student Center.   Mrs. Hawes came in to assist students on their chrome books this morning and I told the students I’m available at lunch if they want to come in.  I’m not usually available during Friday’s lunchtime, but 3rd grades are on a field trip today.   I did not know play students are leaving at noon today, but it works out that they can take their boards home to put on some finishing touches.


Have a wonderful weekend.



It’s time to put our boards together!
Please have your student bring in any materials they want to use to put on their science boards for tomorrow’s science class.  (Science boards have a black background).

Some students have expressed that they would like their graphs/data in color and will print their information at home.  If students want to print their information at home, that is fine.  I will have available to them:

boards, glue, construction/colored paper,  and some letters (not full sets).


We will be presenting our boards next week to our peers.  Please contact me if you have any questions:



Student Data is due tomorrow, January 8.  In conferencing with students on Monday, I was so impressed by some of the data that had been collected.  We are in the process of typing all of our information up, and we will be graphing our data in class next week.

Coming up:

Completed by:   January 15 – data analysis

January 22 and 24 – putting boards together (look for information to come home regarding what students will need to bring to class)


                               Week of January 27 – Student Presentations!!!!!   Woot!



Reminder that November’s Current Event is due on Monday, November 25.   I invited students to come to the science room during lunch to use an iPad so they could get their article done before Monday if they haven’t already, and only 3 students took me up on the offer.   There are lots of exciting things going on in the world of science; here’s a website that is a fun one to look up Current Event Articles.

Have a wonderful weekend…


4th graders are working on their Materials and Procedures lists for their science fair project.

Individual conferences were held on Monday, November 18 to go over each student’s project and answer any questions.  There are some due dates coming up:

Wednesday, November 20:  Materials and Procedures due

Monday, November 25:  Current Event due

Students who are working with people, animals, or hazardous materials (such as mold) were given a Science Review Form (SRC Form) to fill out, have signed by parent/guardian and returned to school BEFORE any data collection can begin.   The St. Michael’s Science Review Committee will review your student’s project and approve, deny or make recommendations.   I have received only 1 returned form as of writing.   I have a list of students that I gave the form to.  If you are not sure if your child is on that list, please ask them or email me.


There will be no science fair project due dates or Current Event in December.



Current Event due October 30!

We are researching our topics for Science Fair Projects.  They are due at the end of class on October 30.

Please ask if there are any questions.

Science Fair

We have been researching Science Fair Topics this week.

Students were given a Final Topic Selection form to bring home, go over with parents, and bring back signed by October 16.  This is the first stage in our Science Fair project process, so look for updates on your child’s class blog (here), and please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


Science Fair Information Night:

There will be an information meeting for 4th grade parents on Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30pm in the Science Room.  Mrs. Jamison will present an overview of our Science Fair process and answer any questions.    



Current Events are due Monday, September 30.

We are starting our Science Fair research, and will be wrapping up our unit on Soil and Landforms.  Students will have a quiz on Friday, October 4.  A study guide will be reviewed on Wednesday, October 2.   Some students have informed me that they will be out of town to start the Fall Break early; those students can take their quiz upon their return after the break.