Week 2 Online Learning




Greetings 4A!

Oh how I miss your beautiful children! My favorite part of the day is seeing their faces in our morning Zoom meeting. I hope the last week went as smooth as possible for your family. I know everyone has a lot on their plates, having to make many adjustments to work and home life. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can do to help ease the transition with online learning.

Zoom meetings

From this point on, students will use the same link to meet me in Zoom. For both our 9:00 morning meeting, and one on one meetings, they can use the same link found on the Stream page of Google Classroom. For an additional layer of security, they will need to add a password to enter the meeting. They can find the password on Google Classroom next to the Zoom meeting link. I have also asked students to only enter the meeting with their first and last names, not nicknames. I will not be allowing students to enter with made-up names.


I would like to remind students that Chromebooks should only be used for school work. Students should not be using devices for personal use.

Spelling (number words)

  1. thirty
  2. sixteen
  3. eleven
  4. billion
  5. forty
  6. thirteen
  7. fifteen
  8. eighteen
  9. fifty
  10. fourteen
  11. million
  12. nineteen
  13. twenty
  14. seventeen
  15. twelve


This week students are working on solving multiplication and division problems, solving multi-step problems, and writing equations using a letter for the unknown number.

Social Studies

Students will be reading and answering questions about transportation and industry in the Midwest. They will also continue to work on their assigned Midwest state booklet. The instructions for this are included in the bag they took home from school.

Language Arts

This week students will be writing a friendly letter to an elderly person in their life. Requirements for this are in Google Classroom, and we will go over it during our morning meeting. Students will also be reading the fiction story ” There Were Giants” from Storyworks, a story about a girl who risks danger to try to rescue her injured grandfather. They will be looking at figurative language within the story, and differentiating between similes and metaphors. Lastly they will be answering comprehension questions and sequencing events from chapters 3 and 4 of our novel study Bunnicula.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful week!


Joanna Baese

4A Distance Learning

Greetings 4A Families,

I hope this week’s blog finds you and your loved ones well. The sea of empty desks in front of me feels surreal, and it’s hard to believe the turn of events in just a week. I will be keeping you all in my prayers in the days ahead.

As we move into distance learning, I’m sure there are some things we will need to adjust along the way. Before we officially start on Monday, there are a few things that will be important to know.

  1. Make sure your child is able to sign into their Google Classroom. The icon can be found at the bottom bar of their Chromebook screen.
  2. I posted directions on the Stream page of Google Classroom on how your student can create their Zoom account. This must be done from the student’s Chromebook, not a personal device. Please contact me if you encounter a problem.
  3. The Stream page is where I will post announcements. Students will be asked to comment from time to time. I would ask that students make sure comments are relevant to the post. This is not a platform to “text” one another.
  4. The Classwork tab will take your student to a page of all their assignments. This is organized by subject area. They can enter each subject area from the left side of the page. I have tried to organize assignments by due date. I have also included the week day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) in the title of the assignment as an extra way to help students know when to work on a specific assignment.
  5. Classwork should take between 3-4 hours per day. I have provided a sample schedule to help students organize their time. Please adjust this as needed.


I will be holding our first Zoom meeting on Monday at 9:00am. I will post a link on the Stream page (front page of Google Classroom) at 8:55. Students should click on the link and it will take them to our live meeting. I plan to hold a 9:00 Monday morning meeting each week using this same routine. I will discuss logistics and expectations in our first meeting.

Please know I am here for each of you and encourage you to ask questions and share concerns. I look forward to seeing 4A on Monday morning!


God bless you,

Joanna Baese

Week March 16

Greetings 4A Friends!

As you already know from Mr. Sullivan’s recent communication, St. Michael’s has made the decision to close our school starting tomorrow, Monday March 16th.  As measures are taken to keep the health and well being of our students at the forefront, please know that your student’s academic progress continues to be a top priority. I will have your student’s belongings and Chromebooks ready for pick up in the classroom on Tuesday between 8:00-10:00 am. You may want to bring a tote bag to carry items home. I thank you in advance for your patience as we move to a distance learning environment.


Joanna Baese



Students are exploring series and parallel circuits and comparing the functioning of the components(lightbulbs and motors) in each circuit. They formulated and justified their predictions, based on their observations of electricity transferring energy to produce light and motion. D-cells and solar cells are used as energy sources. Students will also learn about alternative energy sources next week.


Week March 8


Greetings 4A! We had a fun Love of Reading week, and especially enjoyed visiting with award winning author Jennifer Stewart on Thursday. We have many budding writers in this class, and I felt their inspiration swell! Just a quick reminder that we will have our field trip to Cooper Environmental Center next Friday, March 20th. Please send in the image release form (you may write deny if you don’t give permission), and the t-shirt order form (optional) with a check by tomorrow. I need to mail these things to Cooper Center.


Spelling (Words with the suffix -ly)

  1. lonely
  2. wisely
  3. barely
  4. rapidly
  5. finally
  6. truly
  7. secretly
  8. closely
  9. eagerly
  10. safely
  11. totally
  12. freely
  13. perfectly
  14. certainly
  15. personally

Math– Students will continue to solve multiplication problems this week, and will be discussing and comparing strategies for solving 2- digit by 2 -digit, and 4 -digit by 1 -digit multiplication. We will also be working with estimation with use of landmark numbers.

Social Studies– Southeast Region test this Friday, March 13th! Don’t forget to use the study guide. We ended last week by presenting our group posters on smaller regions within the Southeast Region. This week we will begin learning about the Midwest Region.

ELA– Using paired texts, students will identify problems and solutions as they read articles from two points of view about the damage Burmese pythons are causing to the Everglades and what’s being done to address the problem. We will also be taking a closer look at informational writing.

Have a great week!

Week March 2

Greeting 4A! Can it already be March? I was looking back at the pictures I took of the kids on the first day of school, and boy have they grown! It’s this time of year where I realize how attached I’ve become to these little folks, and how proud I am of their individual accomplishments, both big and small. I’ll be savoring these last couple months before they transition to fifth grade.

The week ahead:

Love of Reading Week

Monday: Special All School Chapel Kick Off – Wilma and Wilber Wildcat  (Door decorating begins)

Tuesday – Thursday: Book Fair 7:30-5:00

Thursday: 2:15-3:00 Author Jennifer Stewart visits (Tankersley Hall)

Friday: Book Fair 7:30-3:30, and vote for your favorite door!

Spelling (Words with prefix dis-, and mis-)

1. dislike

2. mistake

3. disturb

4. misery

5. dishonest

6. disease

7. misplaced

8. discuss

9. disappoint

10. disagree

11. misfortune

12. discover

13. disappear

14. distribute

15. dismiss

Language Arts: Students will read “Out of the Burning Darkness”, a nonfiction article about a terrible coal mine disaster in 1909. They will identify the main idea and details about the lives of children who worked in these dangerous sites a century ago.

Social Studies: We will be wrapping up the Southeast Region this week and students will receive a study guide for the next test on Friday March 13th.

Math: This week we begin Unit 7!  At the beginning of the week we will be working on using the four operations to solve word problems involving measurement, and converting measurements from larger units to smaller units. Then later in the week, we will be revisiting multiplication with larger numbers: Estimating solutions, and solving 2 digit multiplication problems by breaking them into smaller parts and combining the subproducts.

A look ahead at our upcoming field trip…

When: Friday March 20th – departure 9:00,  return 3:45

Where: Cooper Center for Environmental Learning, 5403 W. Trails End Road (about 20 minutes west of the University). This center is run by the University of Arizona College of Education.

What: Activities will focus on energy flow through food chains and exploration of natural areas.

What to wear

  • long pants
  • red shirt
  • hat
  • closed-toe shoes
  • sunscreen

What to bring

  • reusable water bottle (no plastic),
  • sack lunch (nonperishable)
  • only water or gatorade allowed for drink (sugary drinks attract bees)

Forms to look for in upcoming Eagle Express

  • photo release
  • t-shirt order form

Have a fantastic week!


4th graders have started a new unit: Energy and Electromagnetism.   This week students are investigating electric current and circuits, the pathways through which electricity flows. They are working with a variety of components—D-cells, solar cells, lightbulbs, motors, switches, wires—and will eventually explore conductors and insulators. Over the next few weeks, students learn that energy transfer results in heat, light, sound, and motion and will be introduced to sources of energy and components that store energy for later use.

I went over safety guidelines with the students for this unit explaining what a short circuit is and how to avoid it (the battery will get hot, it’s more alarming than dangerous) and that if students want to do any “extra exploring” with their supplies to just ask me first.

Week February 24

Welcome Back 4A!

I hope you all had a relaxing break! I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning and finding out what fun things you did over the last week.

The week ahead:

Tuesday– Pancake Lunch – Students will be eating in the Creswell Courtyard while enjoying a performance from the Tucson High Steel Drum Band.

Wednesday– Mother Clare will be administering ashes during chapel today.

Spelling– Words with the Prefixes in-, re-, and un-

  1. remove
  2. unfair
  3. instant
  4. regret
  5. unable
  6. instead
  7. review
  8. unaware
  9. invent
  10. repeat
  11. unless
  12. incorrect
  13. retreat
  14. refuse
  15. incomplete

Social Studies– We continue our study of the Southeast Region. Students will take a closer look at important industries in the Atlantic Coast states, and Gulf Coast states.

ELA–  This week we will be reading a play adaptation of a classic tale by Hans Christian Anderson. Students will work on the following skills:  identifying characters’ motivations, compare and contrast, vocabulary, author’s craft, and plot.

Math– Students will be working on computation with rational numbers this week. We will be: multiplying whole numbers by fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, using visual models to solve word problems involving multiplication of a fraction by a whole number, and solving problems involving measurement.

Have a wonderful week!

Week February 10

Hello 4A Friends!

We had a productive and exciting week last week! Monday morning chapel was a blast as students competed in the edible car race. Two students from our class were recognized with ribbons for their  successful inventions. Congrats to Ava Downer and Jay Slavin! On Friday morning K-4 got to travel to the Fox Theatre to watch a production of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. It was performed by the Dallas Children’s Theatre. Reading the book in class prior to the field trip was great way to see the book come to life! STEM night also took place on Friday evening. We had several 4A scientists recognized. Congratulations to: Cecilia Kramer (2nd place) Do Cats Have Unique Paw Prints?, Max Puntenney (3rd place) Tooth Decay, and Aleks Wolert (Honorable Mention) Swimming Out of the Fog. Great job to everyone for their hard work on Science Fair!

The coming week...


  • Math-A-Thon money due! 
  • Fee Dress Day, $2
  • Wed – Fri. Mrs. Bly will be subbing for our class. I will be traveling to Arkansas to visit my daughter


  • Bring in your Valentine box/bag for Friday


  • Valentines Day- 4A and 4B will be exchanging valentines.
  • Relaxed Dress

Rodeo break – No school February 17 – February 21

Spelling: (words with ex)

  1. except
  2. example
  3. exciting
  4. exactly
  5. extend
  6. expect
  7. excuse
  8. explain
  9. express
  10. exert
  11. exercise
  12. exhausted
  13. excellent
  14. expensive
  15. extremely

Math- This week we will be adding and subtracting fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.


  • Students will synthesize information from two texts about space rocks, their destructive potential, and what can be done to protect Earth from being hit by one
  • We will be looking closely at a poem called Early Explorers. Students will work on the skills: fluency, author’s purpose, making connections
  • Expository paragraph writing

Social Studies- We will continue our study of the Southeast Region.

Have a wonderful week!




Week February 3

Greetings 4A!

First, I must thank our students for all the thought and energy they put into planning my birthday. You can imagine my surprise when I entered a dark room with a unison shout of “Surprise!” from the class. The walls were adorned with bright colored posters and banners, balloons were scattered all around, and party poppers were blasted in every direction. The flowers, handmade cards, cupcakes, candies, and cookies were an added treat. They really made my day!

The week ahead:

Monday: The Edible Car Race will take place in the Student Center at 8:05


  • K-4 will attend performance of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day at the Fox Theatre. We will be taking a bus to the event. We will leave school at 9:00 and return by 11:45. **Students should wear a red shirt and khaki bottoms**
  • STEM Night takes place in the Student Center starting at 5:30pm. I hope to see you there!

Spelling (words with the /s/ sound)

  1. silent
  2. suit
  3. special
  4. sorry
  5. notice
  6. ceiling
  7. promise
  8. sudden
  9. cereal
  10. select
  11. circus
  12. office
  13. sentence
  14. balance
  15. celebrate

Math: Our math focus points for this week include: comparing and ordering fractions and justifying their order through reasoning about fraction equivalencies and relationships, representing fractions on a number line, and comparing fractions to landmarks 0, 1/2, 1, and 2.

Reading: This week we will be reading the nonfiction text “Frozen Dreams”. This text is about an Arctic explorer, who helped discover the North Pole. Students will learn about his achievements, and why he was long denied recognition of his discoveries. Our focus skills will include: critical thinking, identifying author’s purpose, making inferences, and finding the main idea.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the early history of the Southeast Region.

ELA: We are wrapping up our poetry unit this week. The students had fun creating their own poetry books which include a variety of 10 types of poems. We will begin expository writing over the next several weeks.

Have a wonderful week!